Scenes From Vietnam

We recently returned from 10 days in Vietnam. This definitely takes the award for “most different from my normal”. The traffic was like nothing I have seen before. Cars, trucks, scooters, bikes, pedestrians … organized chaos:

It is a very photogenic place. You can see my Vietnam album on Flickr.


Expired Kodacolor II

When my grandpa died last year, I helped clean out his garage. Among the boxes and boxes of possessions, I found some unexposed film that had been sitting for years. These are some images from a roll of Kodacolor II 120 that expired in 1979. The first four exposures on the roll had a severe blue cast which I corrected in the scans. The rest of the color looked pretty good. The general lack of contrast is probably due to the age of the film.

FujiFilm + Lomo

When the Lomo store in San Francisco closed, I picked up a ring flash for a great price. The other day, I discovered that it will clip on to my Fuji X-T2 with the 23mm lens. I took it to a party at a tap room, and it was quite fun!

The flash isn’t very powerful, so you need to be pretty close to the subject. But that does help┬áisolate the subject from the background, which is a good thing. It’s all manual, and required some playing around, but overall it was a success. I’ll be shooting with that combo again.

Random Photos

One of the things SuprSetr can do is randomly order a photo album. Another thing it can do it limit the number of photos in an album. Combine the two, and you have a way to make constantly changing albums that are not too large.

For example, here is one run of a random album:


The next time the album was updated, the photos changed completely:


Some of these are images I have not seen for years. It’s fun to have some old stuff dug up out of the collection.

So how could this be used? Perhaps a WordPress plugin that showed rotating images from a Flickr album on your blog? Might be a fun project….


Glory Hole

The glory hole at Lake Berryessa has not been active since 2006. With the recent rain, it is going full blast.

Sutro Tower and San Francisco. In camera double exposure. San Francisco, 2016.

Jinx 1.0 Released

When I was first developing SuprSetr, an album organizer for Flickr photos, I couldn’t find a library to access the Flickr API that worked well for me. So, I decided to write my own, and named it Jinx. At first, I only supported parts of the API that I needed for SuprSetr, but over time I have added more and more support.

At long last, the library supports the entire Flickr API. Version 1.0 is available under the GPL at GitHub, and is also available via Maven Central.

If you need a Java library for the Flickr API, take a look and let me know if you find it useful.