Photowalking Chinatown

Last week, Leica SF and Ona Bags sponsored a photowalk in San Francisco. I went with the Chinatown group. It has been a while since I walked with a group. It was a lot of fun! This is my favorite image from the walk.

Tower Bridge, 10 Years

In 2007, I made a picture of Tower Bridge. Last week, I made a similar picture. It is amazing how much the skyline has changed in 10 years.

Scenes From Vietnam

We recently returned from 10 days in Vietnam. This definitely takes the award for “most different from my normal”. The traffic was like nothing I have seen before. Cars, trucks, scooters, bikes, pedestrians … organized chaos:

It is a very photogenic place. You can see my Vietnam album on Flickr.

Expired Kodacolor II

When my grandpa died last year, I helped clean out his garage. Among the boxes and boxes of possessions, I found some unexposed film that had been sitting for years. These are some images from a roll of Kodacolor II 120 that expired in 1979. The first four exposures on the roll had a severe blue cast which I corrected in the scans. The rest of the color looked pretty good. The general lack of contrast is probably due to the age of the film.