Sutro Tower and San Francisco. In camera double exposure. San Francisco, 2016.

Jinx 1.0 Released

When I was first developing SuprSetr, an album organizer for Flickr photos, I couldn’t find a library to access the Flickr API that worked well for me. So, I decided to write my own, and named it Jinx. At first, I only supported parts of the API that I needed for SuprSetr, but over time I have added more and more support.

At long last, the library supports the entire Flickr API. Version 1.0 is available under the GPL at GitHub, and is also available via Maven Central.

If you need a Java library for the Flickr API, take a look and let me know if you find it useful.

SuprSetr Version 3

SuprSetr is an advanced set (well, albums now) management tool for your Flickr photos. SuprSetr has been happily managing sets for Flickr users since 2009. This is the third major release of the software.

This version adds updated icons from Glyphish and some nifty features. Some of the changes:

  • Support machine tags with spaces
  • Support full text searches
  • Set list now shows view counts
  • Set list can be ordered alphabetically or by view count
  • Enabled Flickr Commons search
  • Enabled Privacy options
  • Photosets can be sorted by the number of views on photos
  • FavrTagr supports custom fave intervals (define in Preferences)
  • FavrTagr will show your most favorited photo when it is finished

SuprSetr is free and will run on macOS, Linux, and Windows. Source code is available on GitHub. If you have a Flickr account, and you need a way to easily manage your sets, check it out!

2017 – A Year of Portraits

My photography goal for 2017 is to improve my portrait photography. This means shooting more portraits: portraits of friends, portraits of strangers, environmental portraits, formal portraits, and casual portraits. I’m also going to continue a long-term photo project, which I will mention here in a few weeks.

If anyone wants to be a subject, let me know!

My first portrait this year is of my friends Stu and Deb. This was made in San Anselmo. It was an overcast day with soft light. The background is a building in the neighborhood.

Favorite Images of 2016

Here’s one more retrospective post for the end of 2016. These are some of the favorite images that I made during the year. Presented in no particular order:

“Everything Is Going To Be Amazing”. Los Angeles, California. 

“Liquor License”, South El Monte, California.

“Ten Houses”, Burano, Italy.

“Benham Falls In Nine Seconds”, Deschutes County, Oregon.

“Paisley In The Park”, San Francisco, California.

“Sparklers”, Clearfield, Utah.

“Nothing To Stay For”, Idaho.

“Smoke Break”, Emeryville, California.

“Kubrick Generations”, San Francisco, California.