New App: That Moment

That Moment is an app inspired by the CW&T project Time Since Launch. It is a single-use timer that shows the elapsed time since a single event.

What is the most important moment in your life? How long has it been since that moment occurred?

That Moment is designed to make you think about what is important to you, and to help you remember its importance as time goes by.

Each time you come back to That Moment, you will see how long it has been since the moment occurred. This gives you a reminder to think about how that event changed your life, what it means to you after the passage of time, and what it means going forward.

When you launch it, it will walk you through entering a moment. Once you have it set up, try tapping the screen to see some different ways to look at the elapsed time. You may find that seeing the time represented in different ways makes you feel differently about the event and how long it has been since it happened.

That Moment is free for iOS on the App Store.


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