Goodbye, Trevor

A friend of mine passed away last week. Trevor Carpenter was an avid photographer, and the founder of It was a pleasure to get to know him and to work with him on the various challenges. He pushed me to become a better photographer, and I know he was an inspiration to many others. So long, Trevor. You will be missed.


A photo from a couple of months ago in SaPa, Vietnam. These girls are out all day long, selling trinkets.

X of 365

A few years back, I was doing a 365 project and needed a way to know which ordinal day of the year it was. So I wrote an app to do it. After the 365 project was done, I sort of ignored the app, and eventually it did not work so well on modern iOS systems.

It is a very simple app, and really needed a refresh, so I took a few hours and rewrote it. The result is a clean, simple way to get the ordinal day of the year quickly. It’s a free app, and available on the App Store.

Photowalking Chinatown

Last week, Leica SF and Ona Bags sponsored a photowalk in San Francisco. I went with the Chinatown group. It has been a while since I walked with a group. It was a lot of fun! This is my favorite image from the walk.

Tower Bridge, 10 Years

In 2007, I made a picture of Tower Bridge. Last week, I made a similar picture. It is amazing how much the skyline has changed in 10 years.