Scenes From Vietnam

We recently returned from 10 days in Vietnam. This definitely takes the award for “most different from my normal”. The traffic was like nothing I have seen before. Cars, trucks, scooters, bikes, pedestrians … organized chaos:

It is a very photogenic place. You can see my Vietnam album on Flickr.

Expired Kodacolor II

When my grandpa died last year, I helped clean out his garage. Among the boxes and boxes of possessions, I found some unexposed film that had been sitting for years. These are some images from a roll of Kodacolor II 120 that expired in 1979. The first four exposures on the roll had a severe blue cast which I corrected in the scans. The rest of the color looked pretty good. The general lack of contrast is probably due to the age of the film.

FujiFilm + Lomo

When the Lomo store in San Francisco closed, I picked up a ring flash for a great price. The other day, I discovered that it will clip on to my Fuji X-T2 with the 23mm lens. I took it to a party at a tap room, and it was quite fun!

The flash isn’t very powerful, so you need to be pretty close to the subject. But that does help┬áisolate the subject from the background, which is a good thing. It’s all manual, and required some playing around, but overall it was a success. I’ll be shooting with that combo again.

Random Photos

One of the things SuprSetr can do is randomly order a photo album. Another thing it can do it limit the number of photos in an album. Combine the two, and you have a way to make constantly changing albums that are not too large.

For example, here is one run of a random album:


The next time the album was updated, the photos changed completely:


Some of these are images I have not seen for years. It’s fun to have some old stuff dug up out of the collection.

So how could this be used? Perhaps a WordPress plugin that showed rotating images from a Flickr album on your blog? Might be a fun project….


Glory Hole

The glory hole at Lake Berryessa has not been active since 2006. With the recent rain, it is going full blast.